First time for everything.

Ever felt like things were just out of hand and you were suffocating with bottled up emotions you so desperately wanted to let out? Being an introvert, it’s hard, really. Hard to let out emotions because almost always..nobody is around to listen. As obvious as it is, I’m an introvert, at least I try to be. Hey, it’s no bad thing to be an introvert, it’s actually fun having time to yourself, doing things you can only enjoy when you’re the only person in the room, it’s all fun…then it stops. Every breathing moment becomes suffocating even when you are alone in a spacious room, you question your existence, your perspective, your naive positivity, it all turns and we feel horrible just by sitting there. Introverts or loners, at some point, do feel suffocated and they need one of the billion ways to let out pent up emotions within them. So, here I am, exploring yet another way. I admit, I have trouble socializing simply because I feel like I’m superior or I feel they’re too superior for me(complexity, much?). Today marks the day when I actually start writing, anonymously, but writing for real. Its surprising, I haven’t told anyone how I felt but the first time on this website and I just blurt it all out. Maybe it’s because I have this false impression of nobody genuinely taking a look at this, who knows?


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