Life without music

Can anyone here imagine life without music? It’s absurd! Unimaginable! Horrific!
The sad thing is, there are tons of people who haven’t experienced what real music sounds. No, I’m not talking about artists singing the same verse 5 times in a studio and labeling that as good music, no. I’m talking about the real music. The music which makes you want to dance to the beat. The music which gets you going in life. The music which is a good distraction during a rough time. That music. That music is everything.
It probably did go unnoticed, but the latest artists sadden me. Don’t get me wrong, I like many songs but where is the hype? It’s all about sex, drug, money, twerking and what not, it’s almost like the world runs on these words. Call me old-fashioned, but I love the music which gave you the chills just listening to it.
Also, music doesn’t necessarily have to be a song; it can be anything which pleases you when you hear it, which makes you happy when present. Different people, different perspectives.  There is good music in every corner of the world yet we fail to find it. Have you found your music?


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