Oh yes, we all know about this. We all know about the damage it does. Convincing ourselves that it’s “okay” and things will “get done”, and then realizing it’s all going downhill is exactly what happens to generally every human being. Be it a social gathering, be it a toast, or preparation for a test, procrastination happens to be the best of us.
I tried looking at a different perspective and, well, it’s still bad. There is literally no good side to this. Sure, it gives you the temporary illusion of comfort by prolonging but in the end, the event you were trying so hard to run away from will eventually come at your doorstep and you will have to face it, only this time, it would hit you harder.
The mind is a great cluster of cells, capable of great deals, including finding out a billion reasons to “not do” what needs to be done. Your mind will convince you that it’s okay to do it “tomorrow” or to do it “later” only to realize that it is really not okay. Procrastination can get you fired, can get you to fail a test, can get you to arrive late at your daughter’s birthday.
How does the world deal with this?
Will power. Yes, that is it. That is the solution to this. You can Google “10 ways to not procrastinate” and they will give you 10 narrow ways but in the end, it’s all about the will power. Your will power to get things done is all that we need, in the end.
I used to procrastinate, I still do(to an extent) and I know what it does to me. I regret many of the tasks I had to do but didn’t do. It’s not too late for you, or anyone, for that matter.
Get up and get your motivation and that will drive you to a better life with happier people.

I know, procrastination is not really a major problem in our lives compared to others but it’s still something we need to control. Today it might not seem like a big deal, but feeding it will result in a major life crisis, say, 10 years from now. Ironical enough, I’m writing this while procrastinating, but hey, I have my motivation to do what needs to be done after I hit “Publish”, that’s for sure. Do you have the will power?


Life without music

Can anyone here imagine life without music? It’s absurd! Unimaginable! Horrific!
The sad thing is, there are tons of people who haven’t experienced what real music sounds. No, I’m not talking about artists singing the same verse 5 times in a studio and labeling that as good music, no. I’m talking about the real music. The music which makes you want to dance to the beat. The music which gets you going in life. The music which is a good distraction during a rough time. That music. That music is everything.
It probably did go unnoticed, but the latest artists sadden me. Don’t get me wrong, I like many songs but where is the hype? It’s all about sex, drug, money, twerking and what not, it’s almost like the world runs on these words. Call me old-fashioned, but I love the music which gave you the chills just listening to it.
Also, music doesn’t necessarily have to be a song; it can be anything which pleases you when you hear it, which makes you happy when present. Different people, different perspectives.  There is good music in every corner of the world yet we fail to find it. Have you found your music?

A strange feeling.

It’s surprising how we, human beings, forsake certain aspects only to realize how valuable it was when you’re on the verge of seeing it perish. Makes you question yourself and to value the littlest of things, even if it’s temporary. Say, a person is watching the last episode, it’s about to end, so you desperately latch onto every passing minute of the 20 minute video only to realize that time waits for no one. The little things as this can make you question your basic sense, makes you ask yourself, “Are you living the right way, are you content with it?”.  I know, I know, it’s absurd, “An episode, are you crazy?”, I get it, but, if you think about it, the emotions you experience when you’re watching something or doing something, it holds some value in your life and when its final days are approaching, you value it more because, subconsciously, you feel you haven’t paid as much attention as it deserves. I don’t know, I might be deluded but I feel this way. What about you?

First time for everything.

Ever felt like things were just out of hand and you were suffocating with bottled up emotions you so desperately wanted to let out? Being an introvert, it’s hard, really. Hard to let out emotions because almost always..nobody is around to listen. As obvious as it is, I’m an introvert, at least I try to be. Hey, it’s no bad thing to be an introvert, it’s actually fun having time to yourself, doing things you can only enjoy when you’re the only person in the room, it’s all fun…then it stops. Every breathing moment becomes suffocating even when you are alone in a spacious room, you question your existence, your perspective, your naive positivity, it all turns and we feel horrible just by sitting there. Introverts or loners, at some point, do feel suffocated and they need one of the billion ways to let out pent up emotions within them. So, here I am, exploring yet another way. I admit, I have trouble socializing simply because I feel like I’m superior or I feel they’re too superior for me(complexity, much?). Today marks the day when I actually start writing, anonymously, but writing for real. Its surprising, I haven’t told anyone how I felt but the first time on this website and I just blurt it all out. Maybe it’s because I have this false impression of nobody genuinely taking a look at this, who knows?