For a child, the fear of playtime getting over scares them.
For an adolescent, the fear of tests kills them.
For an adult, the fear of a project’s due date worries them.
No matter the age, this whole concept of “deadline” always exists. At first, people resent it, especially the procrastinators, but in the end, deadlines are what pushes us forward.

Think about it, if there were no deadlines, do you think things would’ve moved forward? Do you think we would’ve saved more time doing what we were assigned to do? No.
For most of the world(few exceptions, of course), a due date is what drives them, not the journey of it all. It’s human tendency, really, can’t blame ’em.
I’m not, out of the blue, talking about due dates and deadlines, no, I, myself am in sort of a horrible situation where I have a task which needs to be done ASAP. Fear grew in me, I admit. Procrastination took its stand, guilty.
From my perspective, I had two choices; One, let fear and procrastination consume me and degrade my status. Two, channel the fear and use it as a fuel to rush forward.

In life, everyone has a choice, there are no exceptions in that. It’s what you do with your choices that make a difference. A simple step outside you comfort zone is all it takes to get rid of your procrastination, sitting on the chair with a pencil in your hand is all it takes to push yourself to draw a masterpiece. Baby steps. All. You. Need. Baby steps.
Next time, if you think about not doing something or freaking out about something that needs to be done ASAP… Just remember, thinking will get you no where. Get up, get going and you will end up where you need to be.

PS> Regarding my choice, yeah, I chose both. Results weren’t as horrible as it would’ve been. Submitted a day after the deadline, but hey, I tried, don’t judge. Good day now.





Past choices.

Ever wonder what would happen if you didn’t “move on” from someone or something? I sure do. I hold on to things, things with no reason to hold on to, I still hold on to it. It’s just me. I’m hopeless. I observed many of my friends doing the same thing to a certain extent and then moving on. I wonder if, after they decide to move on, do they actually look back and ask themselves what would’ve happened if they hadn’t moved on? I really do.
You see, I’m not one of those guys who can simply let go of things. I like to keep things, be it an old laptop, an old picture or even an old memory. It’s not that I’m incapable of letting things go, I can let things go, it’s just that if I do, it would torture me. The question would torture me, the big question. What if?
What if you didn’t let go? What if you held on to it? What would’ve happened if you did? I’ve let things go, I’ve moved on(tends to happen when you migrate to another country), it’s been 3 years and yet, I ask myself, “what would’ve happened if I did the opposite of what I did?”. It’s not torture anymore, it’s just natural curiosity. I mean, I’m sure it’s not just me, everyone wants to know if they made the right choice.
I’m here, with my head held high, looking towards the future while a little part of me still wanders in the past. I actually like it, to a certain extent. I like how I still get curious about my past choices, my past memories, my past moments with my loved one(s), still manages to surprise me.
There’s a famous saying; “Let go of the past, you don’t live there anymore”, it’s true, but is it completely, though? My past defines who I am, so I’d like to say that it isn’t true, what about you?